"There is nothing quite like looking into the mirror at the start of the year and being disgusted at your body, then at the end of the year looking at it and feeling joy and pride. I highly recommend investing in Infinite Fitness. Over the past year, I worked alongside a kind, caring, wishes to see you excel person; his name is Tom and he has helped me increase my health. On my weight loss journey I lost 20 pounds and 14 inches and I could not have done it without my specialized diet and exercise plan. He's not one of those "I'm telling you to do this because I read it off a weight loss website" people. Instead he knows from education and experience. I know that if you invest in Infinite Fitness, you'll be satisfied with what you receive!"


"When I started working with Tom, it changed my life for the better. I went from weighing 325 to 240 in an 8 month time frame. Thanks to my trainer, I've been dedicated and motivated to maintaining a healthy lifestyle from coaching to meal plans to encouraging me to keep going. He's an awesome trainer. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a good trainer and a hard workout. Great man and mentor, he's been more than a big help to me. Thanks a lot for your time and dedication!"


"When I started working with my trainer, I weighed 190 pounds. I had very low self esteem and I was tired all the time. When I got my diet and exercise plan, I wasn't sure that I would be able to stick to it because I worked so much and had to eat on the go which usually equaled a lot of fast food. I started spending my Sunday afternoons doing meal prep for the week and dedicated an hour to an hour and a half every week day and a little longer on weekends to working out. In six months time I weighed 140 pounds. I felt great and didn't get tired just from walking around every day. I guarantee if you follow your meal plan and exercise routine you will see results!!!"